What Is Acne?

Acne can occur in almost everyone. Acne is a dermatological term used to define encompassing clogged pores, bumps and buttons occuring anywhere on the body not limited to the face. Most types of acne are can be disturbing or embarrassing at times.

Acne generally occurs among adolescents. But if it affects mainly young people between 12 and 17 why does it affect adults in their forties, too? Surprisingly, it is usually more severe in this age level and affect more young men. Women who have acne have problems with their hormones.

To control acne, you must wash the face two or three times a day with a mild soap, then pat dry your face instead of washing to dry. However, excessive washing may only irritates the skin that may lead to further facila problems.Better effects is expected if proper hygiene is practised daily using product treatment for acne.

No evidence have been found that certain food may cause acne. However, it is believed that oily and spicy foods causes acne. This is not conclusive since many people experience different effects with different diets. So if you feel that certain foods trigger acne, it is best to cut on that particular type of food to see whether there is a change by doing so. It is generally believed that acne stops and goes by itself. However, this is not always happening so it is better to use some of the many acne treatment is available on the market. It is also necessary to consult a dermatologist.

Many people pop the zits with the thought that doing so will clear faster. However when you pop the zits especially with bare hands, acne problem is prolonged. The healing process is slowed as bacteria go deeper into the skin. Infection may occur and it also increases the possibility of any scarring.

Acne, therefore is something commonly experienced by everyone one time or another in life. Don’t worry. With the right treatment and personal hygienic habit , your acne you will be cured very quickly.